Open Science Summit


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2012 Program  9:00 am- 5:30 pm

Friday Oct 19th, 2012  Day I:   Enabling Infrastructure for Open Science and Sharing:

Topics Include: Peer Review, Publishing, Reproducible Research, Funding Open Science

9:00 am-10:15  Open Access Publishing, the future of  Scientific Communication and Peer review,  2012 Tipping Point?

Part I

Tyler Neylon, The  Cost of Knowledge Petition, Closed Publishing Boycott

Juan Pablo Alperin:   Open Access, a Latin American Perspective

Richard Price,

15 min Break

Part II 10:30-11:45

David Jay, Journal Lab

William Gunn, Mendeley

Dan Whaley, Hypothe.sis

Lunch 12-1pm Optional theme focused table seating

1-2:15  The Crisis of Reproducible Research and How to Solve It

Elizabeth Iorns, Science Exchange Reproducibility Initiative

Joanne Kamens, Addgene, enabling sharing of biological research materials.

Jeff Spies, Open Science Framework

Elizabeth Bartmess and Michael Cohn   Reproducibility Project: a large-scale open science collaboration to estimate the reproducibility of psychological research


2:30-3:30   Funding Open Science Part I, New models and mechanisms

Jose-Maria Fernandez:  Financial Engineering to Cure Cancer, Novel Instruments to fund Biomedical Research

Lindy Fishburne, Thiel Foundation Breakout Labs

Part II Crowdfunding 3:45-4:35

Cindy Wu and Denny Luan, Microryza, crowdfunding for research

Jennifer Shine Dyer, Experience with Crowdfunding for Medical Research

Paul Gu, Upstart a crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs

4:45-5:30 Open Source Biology

Andrew Torrance, Standard Setting for Synthetic Biology, Legal and Technical infrastructure for Open Science

Cesar Rodrigez Genome Compiler  Open Standards in Computer-Aided Design for Synthetic Biology

Justin Rebo  Open Biotechnology, Inc

Making biotech open source and tearing down barriers to science

Alex Peake, Primer labs  The Ada Lovelace Revolution: Code Literacy, Gamebridge Unityversity and Code Hero, a game that teaches how to make games that teach everything else

6:00pm-8:00pm Socializing at Cucina Venti Bar and Restaurant adjacent to venue.


 Saturday Oct 20th, 2012  Day 2:  Open Source Innovation in Biomedicine

Topics Include: Personal Genomics, Rare Disease, Drug Discovery, Patient Participation and Patient Driven Research, Disruptive Clinical Trials,  Open Source Medical Devices, Open Hardware for Science

9:00 am-10:30am Leveraging Open Science for Rare Disease

Hugh Rienhoff, My Daughter’s DNA

Jimmy Lin, Rare Genomes Institute

Atul Butte, Stanford

Kevin Lustig, Assay Depot:  How open science is transforming rare disease drug research

10:45-12  Collaborative Innovation in Biopharma research, Personal Genomics

Mark Hanhel, Figshare (continuation from Day I due to schedule conflict)

Barry Bunin, Collaborative Drug Discovery

Pek Lum, Ayasdi

Madeline Ball, Personal Genome Project


Lunch  12-1

1-2:45 Open Hardware and Medical Device Hacking Part I

Michael Weinberg, Public Knowledge, 3D printing and the next Industrial Revolution

Jordan Miller, Open Source 3D Printing for Regenerative Medicine

Carlo Quinonez, Aquinas, An open-source, universal operating platform and toolset for microfluidic devices.

Mahboob Imtiyaz, Journal of Errology:  Publish your negative results! (Via Video Presentation from India)

3:00-4:00  Part II

Michael Laine, LiftPort

Todd Duncombe, Tekla Labs

Beth Kolko, Low Cost Medical Devices

Jacob Rosen, UCSC Raven Open Source medical robotics

4:15-5:30    Patient Empowerment and the future of Clinical Trials

Allen Black, ”Drug shortages and legal approaches
promoting open drug access:  Fabrazyme and Injectable Vitamin A class actions.

Sarah Greene, Cancer Commons

Eric Valor and Ryan Bethencourt, “Guerilla” style biotech for ALS